Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Recommend: Y: The Last Man

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Imagine a world with no men. (It may not be that hard, depending on how your week's been going so far.) What might this all-woman world be like? Would the ladies of the world all come together to catch fireflies, make s'mores, and teach each other how to play the acoustic guitar?

According to Brian K. Vaughan, not so much.

Instead, his series Y: The Last Man goes with the gender-equalicious view that we women can post-apocalyptic a landscape just as well as the guys, thankyouverymuch. It focuses on the only two males to survive a mysterious event that killed all the other men: Houdini-wannabe Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand.

Yorick just wants to get in touch with his girlfriend on the other side of the world, but just about every woman he meets either wants to kill him, sell him, or use him to try and clone a new male population. Or a combination of those three.

With great characters, crisp art, and witty dialogue, Y: The Last Man is an amazing read. Let's just hope it never has to be an instruction manual.

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