Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic Magazine Yen Plus Goes Digital

In 2008, Yen Press (the comics imprint of Hatchette) began publishing an anthology magazine called Yen Plus. The magazine was cancelled several months ago, (this month's issue is the last to hit stores,) but with that news came an even more exciting announcement: Yen Plus is moving online!

The online launch started today, and as a special treat, the August issue is free. From September onwards, those who choose to subscribe will pay $2.99 a month for access to the two most recent issues.

Yen Plus is aimed at older teens, with adaptations of Young Adult novels like Maximum Ride and Gossip Girl alongside original series and Korean manhwa. Most of the comics are several chapters in, but this issue does have two new series and one short story, along with quick recaps for the ongoing series.

As the digital edition is still brand new, there are a couple of bugs, but for the most part it runs smoothly and loads quickly. Anyone who likes YA action and drama should give this sample issue a try.

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