Monday, July 12, 2010

I Recommend: Top 10

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Alan Moore is, if not the biggest name in comics, at least worthy of some county fair-type prize ribbons. Several of his comics have been adapted into big-budget Hollywood movies, ranging from "pretty great" to "let's forget that ever happened." Watchmen, his grim and gritty superhero story that inspired hundreds of other grim and gritty superhero stories, has appeared on almost every Top 10 Graphic Novels list ever.

But today there's another Top 10 I'd like to focus on: the two-volume series written by Moore himself. (Okay, there have been a few spin-offs, but it's this first story I know well enough to recommend.)

And boy, do I recommend it. Moore starts with a premise ripe for fun - a city where every resident has superpowers - and ends up with an edge-of-your-seat police drama. The plot twists and turns like a roller coaster, with bright, beautiful art supplied by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon.

Even the backgrounds in Top 10 are a treat, with brief appearances by pop-culture icons like Astro Boy and the Yellow Submarine, as well as a look at what the escapist entertainment of superheroes might be like. Apparently, in a city full of robots and aliens and people who fly, the perfect wish-fulfillment role is Business Man.

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