Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Read this: Melinda Beasi Talks Japanese Comics

Osmosis Online has an interview with Melinda Beasi, who runs the review blog Manga Bookshelf. In it she talks about the titles that turned her into a fan, what it's like to be a manga critic, and even suggests a few titles for manga newbies.

OO: What was your first exposure to manga? What made you a true fan? And what ultimately made you a critic?
MB: It’s actually kind of hilarious that I ended up getting into manga, because just weeks before I became a fan, I’d made this big proclamation in my blog at the time about why I could never get into comics or animation. Then a friend finally convinced me to try a shonen manga called Hikaru no Go. I went crazy for it, and that was that. There was a sort of pure optimism regarding the nature of humanity permeating the entire story which really appealed to me at the time. It’s a quality I now associate with a specific genre of manga, but in the moment, I found it very refreshing. After that, I was hooked.

If you want some tips on good manga to start out with, or just want to learn about what it's like to be a book reviewer, be sure to give this interview a quick read.

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