Friday, July 30, 2010

Read this: A womanly chat with Vanessa Davis

Drawn & Quarterly is one of the top "indie" publishers in comics, bringing us work far outside the typical swords and superheroes fare. One of their upcoming graphic novels is Make Me A Woman by Vanessa Davis, the subject of this interview at Robot 6:

When I decided to start drawing comics, it was a challenge to know how to do it. It seemed like real cartoonists were much more polished, had a visual language that flowed out of them like speech. So for me, I felt like I needed to tighten up and get to that point. I was overwhelmed  by not knowing how to start, or what I wanted my comics to look like, so I decided to keep a sketchbook diary, where I could teach myself these things as I went along, make those decisions as they came up.

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