Friday, September 10, 2010

Yen Plus launches online (officially!)

YA lovers with a PayPal account, rejoice! Yen Plus, the anthology magazine discussed on this very blog some time ago, is officially open to subscriptions. $2.99 (and, depending, some tax) a month gives you access to the two most recent issues. And those issues aren't flimsy little things, either - each one clocks in at a couple hundred pages of comicky goodness.

The bulk of the magazine is manhwa (Korean comics) and adaptations of popular YA novels, like Gossip Girl and James Patterson's Daniel X. This issue brings us the online edition's first Japanese comics: Yotsuba&!, which you may remember me gushing over, and K-On!, a brand-new series about an all-girl high school rock band. (See those exclamation points? Even the titles of the comics are excited to be involved in all this.)

This online edition is a continuation of the Yen Plus print magazine, so several of the series are a dozen chapters or more in. Recap pages should help new readers ease into these ongoing stories. Yen Press also has collected volumes of each series, for those who just have to know what happened before.

Interested? Swing by the Yen Plus page and sign up! If it doesn't thrill you, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

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