Monday, October 4, 2010

Read this: Ladies Comics Project

See? I'm not the only one encouraging more women to read comics. Kelly Thompson (of the She Has No Head! column on Comics Should Be Good) has put together a neat experiment: The Ladies Comics Project, where she's gotten together over a dozen women, many of them not currently comics readers, and invited them to read an issue of a comic book and talk about their experience.

As Shelti, one of the women participating in the project, says:
Before reading this comic the only other comic I have read is The Walking Dead, which I really got into. My view of comics before I read The Walking Dead was that they were just cartoons and superhero stories. I never thought I would like them and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed The Walking Dead. I still am not sure if I would like the superhero ones as much as the “real life” ones (yeah yeah zombies aren’t real, I know).

One interesting (though not exactly surprising) thing I gleaned from Part 1: Ladies love a good cover image.

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