Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Read this: 20 Favorite Female Creators of 2010

 It's impossible to choose just one picture from the articles to feature, so I defaulted to Hellboy and a talking pug. Hooray talking pugs!

Since I've already mentioned a Best of 2010 list for Japanese comics, it only seems fair to shine a little light on the year's best Western comics as well. And Kelly Thompson of the She Has No Head! column has written up the perfect list for this blog to bring to your attention: Her 20 favorite comics writin'-and/or-drawin' women!

She posted it up in pieces, but I'm gonna be nice and link you to part one and part two at the same time. Women may be a bit underrepresented in the comics biz, but what we lack in numbers these fine ladies have made up in talent.

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