Sunday, January 30, 2011

Read this: How I Became A Comic Book Consumer

A portion of Faith Erin Hicks' current comics shelf.

Well, not how I became a comics consumer - that story amounts to "read 'em as a kid, read even more now." No, the "I" in this case refers to Faith Erin Hicks, the comics creator who posted her own comics discovery story on her blog just a short while ago.

But even though I read the crap out of Bone, bought everything associated with Bone and loved it deeply, I was frozen in place with that one comic book, reading and re-reading it and never venturing beyond to read other comics. I completely missed the manga boom of the early 2000s, having no friends who were into manga, and being intimidated by the shelves of it at the big box bookstores. So I read Bone, and occasionally picked up books by Andi Watson, whose Skeleton Key series clicked with me (magicial girls and their friendships, what's not to like).

It's a good read, both for her personal story (I was a little shocked that such a well-known artist became a regular reader relatively recently - she says it's only been five years since she became "an enthusiastic consumer of comics") and as an example of how other current non-readers can fall in love with the medium.

Hint hint, ladies!

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