Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This just in: Canadian celebrities are incapable of interpreting images.

The fine-looking book an actor, an athlete-turned-politician, an interior designer, and CNN's Chief Business Correspondent all couldn't wrap their heads around.

At least, that's the gist of this news, about how Jeff Lemire's graphic novel Essex County was the first book voted out of this year's Canada Reads competition. (It was also the first graphic novel ever nominated, so if nothing else, it's a groundbreaking book in all sorts of directions.)

The judges all seemed to like the story, but some just couldn't wrap their heads around these newfangled "picture" thingies:

Quin’s fellow panelists weren’t swayed, however, treating the book like an uninvited dinner guest. Design guru Debbie Travis, who is defending The Birth House by Ami McKay, couldn’t get over Essex County‘s “lack of words,” a weakness, in the eyes of the other four panelists, that was consistently brought up. She described the book as “a shortcut.”

Alas, as the 4-to-1 vote against Essex County shows, this sort of anti-illustration bias is still going strong - and it's exactly the sort of mindset this blog was built to combat. Perhaps next time these fame-adians are tasked with reading a graphic novel, they should take a look at my How to Read Comics guide first.

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  1. I love people who immediately dismiss a form of expression because they've never bothered to diversify their interests. Oh wait, I'm thinking of that other emotion. Complete disrespect.