Thursday, March 17, 2011

The "Women and Comics" Survey(s) call to action!

You may remember that H,W!C! launched waaaaay back in June of 2010 with the results of a survey of comics non-reading women. The results were enlightening, but I've always thought the survey itself could be a little better. So I re-wrote it, this time as two surveys: One for women who read comics, and one for women who don't.

If you have ten-or-so minutes to spare, please fill out the survey that applies to you.

If you are a woman or teen girl who reads comic books, graphic novels, manga, long-form webcomics, or other long-form comics at least once a month, please fill out this survey!

If you are a woman or teen girl who does NOT read comic books, graphic novels, manga, long-form webcomics, or other long-form comics at least once a month, please fill out this survey!

When you're done, please share a link to this post with the women in your life. The more responses, the more insightful the results will be!


  1. Sorry, I don't have a blogspot account, but one comment: I think your final questions on the survey for people who do read comics is a little flawed. The maximum, $200+, gives a budget of around $17 a month. With western superhero comics at their current prices, that buys between five and six titles a month, which isn't a large amount. I know women who spend that much on Batman titles alone and most comic shops I have encountered won't even give you a discount for being a regular if you have less than ten titles on your pull list. The poll is skewed towards occasional readers and falls into the trap of thinking women aren't big spenders on comics, which companies often use as a reason to ignore us.

  2. Oof! Sorry, it didn't even occur to me that $200 would be considered a smallish number - maybe because I borrow a lot and only buy/ask for must-haves around the holidays? Oh, to be clouded by my own habits! The survey-writing gods frown upon me, surely. :[

    I didn't intentionally mean for the highest amount cutoff to be so low, and I certainly didn't want to imply that comics-reading women spend less - if it says anything about my credibility, I'll admit that I would've used similar amounts in a men-only or gender-neutral survey as well.

    Thank you for alerting me to this issue, and if make another one of these surveys in the future, I'll make the maximum cutoff higher. Maybe $500? $1000? Feel free to suggest a price point you think would work!

  3. No problem! If you've never worked at a comic shop or bookstore it's easy to overlook what an expensive hobby comics can be if it's your primary form of entertainment. But comics are hardly alone at this, I know people who drop $100 a month on cds and even more on concert tickets.

    I did some calculations on comic shoppers I know to figure out a good range and I think keeping the current one and just changing it from yearly to monthly would work.

    As a teenager, I know I dropped my entire allowance, around $10 a week on comics, and today I spend maybe twice to three times that. When I worked at a shop people could drop my monthly budget a week, though this included floppies, graphic novels, manga, and merchandise.

    So I would also suggest another question: the amount spent on tie ins and merchandise, including but not limited to clothing, action figures, games (roleplaying, heroclix, video games), related books (guides, novels) and magazines, and movies (live action, animated, theatrical, and tv shows such as Superhero Squad or Young Justice). It might be interesting to ask non-readers as well, since many fans of the DC Animated Universe never crossed over into reading the tie-in comics.

  4. I took the survey, but I didn't know how best to answer the last question. As a brit there are two sorts of conversion; the exchange rate, what else you can buy for the money (clothing for example seems to be 1pound to one dollar).