Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adaptation update-apalooza!

Man, it must be National Get Attention From Book/TV Fans Week for comics publishers, because over the past few days various blogs have been buzzing over sneak peeks of upcoming adaptation and continuation comics. Possibly of particular interest to HWC peeps:

Pushing Daisies

A wordless (so far?) sequence from the Pushing Daisies comic.

Pushing Daisies fans are known for two things: Being incredibly devoted and being incredibly disappointed. There's no known cure for the first, but a remedy for the second seems to be on its way: series creator Bryan Fuller recently tweeted a preview of the first page of the long-awaited comic-book-format continuation! Details on when the actual comic will debut are still fuzzy, but judging by the lovely artwork, it'll be just what Daisy-ites need after all these years.

Soulless by Gail Carriger

Character sketches of Felicity and Evilyn Loontwill from Soulless.

At last year's Comic-Con, the fine folks at Yen Press announced that the latest in their line of Young Adult novel adaptations would be Gail Carriger's Soulless series. Yesterday they finally gave us a glimpse at the work in progress: character sketches by adaptation cartoonist Rem! (Best known for her adaptation work on another YA series, Vampire Kisses.) Rem's style seems especially well-suited for Victorian-style outfits and hairstyles - I can't wait to see more art when the project gets closer to completion.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

The cover of the Vampire Academy graphic novel: Awesome-looking? Awesome-looking.

The most extensive of the recent sneak peeks, this USA Today article about the graphic novel adaptation of the bestselling series Vampire Academy is one you can really, ahem, sink your teeth into. (I'm here all week, folks.) It features tons of tidbits about adaptation cartoonist Emma Vieceli, such as this fan-reassuring quote:

While Vieceli wasn't familiar with the books before she was approached about the job, the British artist quickly fell in love with them. "I ate through the entire series and, like many, found myself wandering aimlessly about the house after Last Sacrifice, not knowing what to do with myself now that it was over," she says.

Best of all, there's a big ol' preview of the graphic novel attached - the Scribd viewer calls it 6 pages, but it's really more like 10. Behold the glory of two-page spreads!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What we can learn from the Women and Comics survey

("We" meaning comics creators, publishers, retailers, and others who care about the future of the comics medium!)

With this year's Women and Comics survey (see the results in Part 1 and Part 2,) we've learned an awful lot about how women - both those who read comics and those who currently do not - relate to the medium. For those of us who like tidy little lists, here are 7 tips for those who hope to attract new women readers and treat existing readers even better:

1) Get 'em while they're young.
Okay, that sounds creepy, but you get the point: Many women discover comics when they're girls. The vast majority of current readers began reading comics before they were 18, and many current non-readers indicated that they had read comics when they were younger. Comics that appeal to girls - from the frilly sparkle enthusiasts to the rough-and-tumble tomboys - are vital to maintaining a healthy readership.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Women and Comics Survey 2011: Results Part 2!

It's here, folks! In Part 2 of the results, we'll take a look at current comics non-reading women. (If you want to read about women who do read comics, see Part 1!)

This survey got only 61 responses (2 of whom seem to have bailed out after answering only a few questions.) That's 10 (12-ish) responses fewer than last year's survey. I reckon there are 3 possible reasons for this drop:
  1. This year's more precise definition of "comics" kept out mostly-manga and mostly-webcomics readers who mistakenly took the non-reader survey last year.
  2. Women who took the survey last year decided not to take it this year.
  3. This blog has been so wildly successful that only __ comics non-reading women are left in the entire world!
I'd like to think it was #3, but odds are #1 and #2 had more to do with it. (In any case, thanks to everyone who took the survey or helped pass it along!)

The low turnout means the results are far from precise - but still provide a picture of how these women feel about comics, helped along by some great write-in responses.

(Click graph for a larger view.)
The non-readers were older than the comics readers. (Possibly because many of the survey-takers were parents of my teen/20-something friends!) 26-to-50-year-olds made up 50% of the respondents.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Women and Comics Survey 2011: Results Part 1!

Welcome to the Women and Comics Survey Resultsapalooza! In Part 1, we'll examine the results from the Comics Reader survey and see what makes comics-reading women tick!

The survey got a healthy 296 respondents, thanks in large part to getting reblogged and retweeted by a small army of internet folk. Thanks to everyone who helped pass the word along!

Note: All graphs in this post were created at the National Center of Education Statistic's Kids' Zone. Sounds corny, but they really do have a nice graph tool!

(Click graph for a larger view.)
The ages of the respondents paints a clear picture: Comics-reading women (at least, those aware of this survey!) tend to be older teens and younger adults. 86% were between the ages of 16 and 35. 19-to-25-year-olds were the largest group, making up over a third of the respondents.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Read this: Image rescues two Minx titles

2011: It's both Year of the Rabbit and Year of the Saving Teen-Girl-Centric Comics From Oblivion!

Back in 2007, DC Comics took a shot at creating YA-style raphic novels for girls under an imprint called Minx. The effort was shuttered very quickly - the exact reasons for which will probably be debated until the sun explodes. Despite the disappointing sales numbers, some of the books received critical acclaim, and many in the comics community were left wondering what would become of the announced-but-never-published titles.

Well, the world can wonder a little less, because Image has rescued two titles originally slated for the Minx line: Poseurs and All Nighter. Fans of Young Adult fiction, rejoice!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last call for the comics non-readers survey!

If you've been holding off taking the Hey, Women! Comics! non-readers survey, this is your chance! The survey for comics-reading women has already gotten a tremendous response - but the non-readers survey could use a few more respondents.

If you're a woman or teen girl who does not frequently read comic books, graphic novels, manga, or long-form webcomics, please fill out this survey. It asks for no personal information and will only take a few minutes.

If you've already taken the non-readers survey - or are ineligible to fill it out, please pass it along to someone else! The more responses received, the clearer the results will be.

Thank you, and keep your eyes on this blog for the results!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Read this: 15 Love rescued from the dust bin of comics history

A little midriff-y for my tastes, but who can resist bold colors like that?

I've gotta hand it to Marvel, they've been announcing some pretty cool-sounding initiatives lately. I've already told you about their partnership with Starbucks, and now there's something even more unexpected: A mini-series about tennis!

Back in the early 2000s, Marvel tried some . . . well, some pretty out-there stuff. Some of it stuck - like the awesome our-parents-are-supervillains adventure series Runaways - but most of it fizzled out after a few issues, never to be seen again.

15 Love never even made it to print back then, but apparently somebody at today's Marvel likes it, because it's coming out as a 3-part mini-series! The first issue, at a stunning 56 full-color pages and a respectable $4.99 price tag, is scheduled to come out in June. The Beat has a press release and some unlettered preview pages here. Give it a look!