Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Read this: 15 Love rescued from the dust bin of comics history

A little midriff-y for my tastes, but who can resist bold colors like that?

I've gotta hand it to Marvel, they've been announcing some pretty cool-sounding initiatives lately. I've already told you about their partnership with Starbucks, and now there's something even more unexpected: A mini-series about tennis!

Back in the early 2000s, Marvel tried some . . . well, some pretty out-there stuff. Some of it stuck - like the awesome our-parents-are-supervillains adventure series Runaways - but most of it fizzled out after a few issues, never to be seen again.

15 Love never even made it to print back then, but apparently somebody at today's Marvel likes it, because it's coming out as a 3-part mini-series! The first issue, at a stunning 56 full-color pages and a respectable $4.99 price tag, is scheduled to come out in June. The Beat has a press release and some unlettered preview pages here. Give it a look!

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