Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Castle fans, meet your new must-read graphic novel!

The cover for the Derrick Storm graphic novel, with artwork by Carlo Pagulayan.

The television detective series Castle is no stranger to tie-ins, thanks to real editions of Richard Castle's Nikki Heat novels. Soon there'll be another medium roped into the series: comics!

Due in September, the graphic novel - tongue-twisterly titled Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm - is an adaptation of one of the in-show Derrick Storm novels. (A real-world comics adaptation of a fictional novel from a TV show? My mind, she is blown.)

As a Castle fan myself, I'm mildly bummed that the graphic novel won't be about Castle and Beckett themselves. Their banter would be golden on a comics page! But with star writers Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick set for the script, and the artwork in the capable hands of Lan Medina, it's sure to be a worthwhile read anyway.

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