Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

Keep an eye out for this sign on Saturday!

That's right, ladies (and the occasional HWC-reading gentleman) - this Saturday, May 7th, Free Comic Book Day will be sweeping comics shops across North America. FCBD pretty much explains itself, but since this may be the first time some readers have heard of it, I'll lay down the basics:

1. No, not every comic is going to be free.
 . . . so don't expect to snag a shiny new copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1. Instead, publishers have put together special publications - some new stories, some reprints, some previews of upcoming titles - for shops to give out on FCBD.

2. But yes, all of those comics are totally free.
Some shops put limits on just how many of the free issues you can pick up, but all but the stingiest of stores will let you walk away with a good-sized stack of reading material.

3. It's not just DC and Marvel doing this.
Not interested in superheroes? No problem! Just about every publisher in the industry is pitching in. The buffet of free comics options includes comedy, fantasy, horror, crime, and even a couple of non-fiction titles! (And if you do want to read some superhero stuff, never fear! A healthy selection of capes-and-tights goodness is available as well.)

Gobs more information on this event can be found at the official Free Comic Book Day website.

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