Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HUGE news: DC to relaunch 50 titles!

Promo art (maybe part of a cover?) for JLA #1, one of the first titles to be relaunched.

Geez, is this the spring of big announcements or what? The latest headline to rock comics is word that DC (the "Big Two" publisher that handles Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and a ton of other superheroes) is going to launch 50 revamped titles in September. That means 50 new #1 issues - perfect for readers who've wanted to try reading superhero comics but felt uneasy diving in to a long-running series.

Since the relaunch was just announced today, details are few and far between, but one interesting tidbit is that these refreshed titles will be launched "day and date" on digital devices - that means the new, say, Justice League #1 will be available to read on your iPad the same day it's available in comics shops. The major publishers have typically shied away from day-and-date releases, so DC deciding to try it now is a good sign that they're taking this relaunch seriously.

As DC artist and co-publisher Jim Lee says in this USA Today article:
"We're allowing people who have never bought a comic book in their lives to download them on portable media devices and take a look," Lee says. "Having the ability to give people access to these comics with one button click means we're going to get a lot of new readers."

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