Tuesday, May 3, 2011

(More) comic books in a Barnes & Noble near you!

The bookselling world may have taken a hit with the . . . whatever is happening-ing of Borders, but the other big bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble, seems to be chugging along okay. And, according to this news, they're taking the comics industry a-chuggin' along too!

Barnes & Noble has been selling graphic novels, comics collections, and volumes of manga for years now, and single-chapter comic books have shown up in the magazine section from time to time. But from the sound of this, B&N plans to seriously ramp up the number of comic book titles they stock along with other periodicals.

There's no official list of which series will be stocked just yet, but their offerings are likely to include top titles from major superhero publishers DC and Marvel, as well as semi-indie imprints and publishers like Image and Vertigo. Movie-inspiring series are also bound to show up - Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America, anyone?

For those of you who have been hoping to dip your toes in single-chapter comic books but live woefully far from a good comics shop, this deal will should bring some popular titles a little closer to your neighborhood!

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