Sunday, July 24, 2011

Viz launches online manga site!

A screenshot from Viz Manga's home page. Visible are Bakuman, a teen comedy/drama about comics-making; Solanin, a gritty coming-of-age drama; Black Bird, a creepy teen paranormal romance; and Blue Exorcist, a supernatural action series. Talk about variety!

This weekend was San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comics convention in the U.S. Just about every comics publisher made a big announcement or two. One of the most noteworthy for comics newbies came from Viz Media: A digital manga store!

The new site, Viz Manga, works much like Viz's iPhone and iPad apps but, well, without the need for an iPhone or iPad. Instead, select manga can be bought and read right on your computer! And the "select" really is select - Viz has launched the site with top-notch series, and odds are more will join them in the following months.

As a bonus, prices on the first book in each series are discounted as much as 40% off through July 31st, putting some volumes for as low as $2.99. Not bad for books that settle around 200 pages!

Best of all, the first chapter of every series is available for free! It's like having a tiny library right in your internet browser. Go take a look!

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