Frequently Asked Questions

Where did this blog's name come from?
It's inspired by "Hey, kids! Comics!", the phrase stores used to put on signs to draw attention to their comics. I've co-opted it to express how, just as comics have been seen as a "kids" thing, they can easily become a "women" thing as well.

What is the purpose of this blog?
To show women the variety of material that can be found in comic books, graphic novels, and manga, and hopefully encourage them to begin buying comics (or checking them out from their local library.)

Why read comics?
For the same reasons you would read a book or watch a movie. Entertainment! Education! Enlightenment! Comics bring pictures and words together to create an experience that can't be duplicated in any other medium.

Are you getting paid for this?
Not a cent! I receive no money from publishers, no do I have any affiliates deals with the retailers linked to in recommendations posts - those links are provided purely for your convenience. My only compensation for HWC is the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from introducing a medium I love to more people.

Where do you get all the books you recommend?
Most of the comics I recommend are from my own bookshelf, or borrowed from the comic shop I work at and friends/family.

Why a women-specific blog? Isn't that kinda sexist?
Not as sexist as some other things written about comics, that's for sure! :[_] Many comics sites - even some really good ones - have a men-centric or "neutral"-but-still-mostly-men-centric atmosphere. Women are welcome to ignore this blog, and men are welcome to read it. But it's mostly meant for women who want to learn about comics without worrying if a "No Girls Allowed" sign is lurking around the corner.

So, what, you're trying to build a giant Amazon nerd army?
Quite the opposite. I'd like to detach comics from their "nerdy" identity and let them be what they are - a medium full of stories in every genre, waiting to be read by all.

I already read a lot of comics. What can I do?
Tell people about them! Find something your mother/sister/friend would enjoy and lend it to her, or give it as a gift. Or you could just send her a link to this blog so she can discover something for herself. ;]